I am U-J Almocera— a registered nurse by profession, a humanitarian worker on weekdays, struggling law student on weekends and a trying hard blogger during my lucid intervals.

Currently based in Zamboanga City, most of my posts are about the different things that I do while maintaining my life-work balance. I focus on places near my location because of limited capacity to travel. Consider me as a crossbreed of a backpacker and a tourist. I travel on a budget without compromising the experience. I dream of traveling all the 81 provinces of the Philippines but with a twist. Provinces will only be counted if I can write an article about my experience. My writing style is experiential which means I could be a lengthy story teller. I’ll share my itineraries with contact numbers of locals if possible.

Cliche as it sounds, I wan’t to travel with a heart. There is more to life than taking selfies and posting quotes on social media.The deeper the experience, the better. Being a humanitarian worker, I will try to inject some social issues related to travel on each article. I want to travel but I want to be different. I imagine my travels would be an immersion showcasing not only the beauty of the 7,701 islands of the Philippines but also the lives of its beautiful people. My main purpose of traveling is to make memories while growing as a person and reaching to the lives of others. I would like to meet locals and make the country smaller one friend at a time. I wan’t to meet children, old people, tricycle drivers, attendants of pension houses and boatmen to listen to their stories and take a peek on their simple lives. Traveling makes me feel grounded as a person and proud to be a Filipino. With every bus ride, waterfall, beach and mountain, I want to fall in love with my country even deeper. I might do it a bit slower but I believe that quality is superior to quantity. I travel to take part in the greater scheme of things that goes beyond my personal wants.

Backpackers going to the Zamboanga Peninsula can ask me to help them with their itineraries. Don’t be shy to contact me.

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Instagram: @ujalmocera
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