Quick Stopever: Arka sa RT Lim

RT Lim, a small town in Zamboanga Sibugay that has a hidden surprise. Nestled in a lumberyard, a huge ark can be found called as the “Arka sa RT Lim”. It took Tatay Jack eight long years of labor to build but still remains non-functional but the sight of it is awe-inspiring. Imagine an old man spent almost a decade dedicating his life building such a beaut. Tatay Jack intended to complete the ark and travel to Palawan but fell short of resources. A lot has to be done to finish the ark which includes sealing the gaps between the planks and buying an engine which that Tatay Jack could no longer afford. With his resources running low, Tatay Jack intends to sell the ark even at a bargain price for his retirement fund.

Sibugay Emerging Destination RT Lim
The “Arka sa RT Lim” is unfinished but it looks grand.

I went inside the ark and thought it was crazy for Tatay Jack to build it in the first place. He dedicated years to build the ark yet he fell short. A lot of lumber was used but the ark is still incomplete. However, the laudable dedication and hard labor of Tatay Jack can be seen in the large planks, nuts and bolts used to build it.

RT Lim Zamboanga Sibugay
The “Arka sa RT Lim” is located near a seaweed solar dryer.

How to get there:

From Zamboanga City, Ride a bus going to the Municipality of RT Lim (180.00-200.00). From the town proper, ride a habal-habal that will take you to Barangay Magsaysay (20.00-25.00). The ark is popular among the drivers and it is fairly easy getting there. No stores can be found near the area. We brought some drinks and cigarettes for him during our visit. It wouldn’t cost you much and consider it as your entrance fee as the old man does not charge anything. Try to strike a conversation with the old man who is very accommodating and has a lot of interesting stories to tell.


Arka RT Lim Tatay Jack
Tatay Jack poses in front of his ark.


Thanks to Keith Ferrolino for helping me with this article. Follow him on instagram: @jaketheintern

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