Changing My Packing Habits (CabinZero) Get 10% Off!

Packing for a trip, whether for leisure or business is often a dilemma for me. Corporate clothes are hard to pack and rolling-up my formal wear is not an option. Looking smart during professional meetings is a must and creases on dress shirts is a big no-no. Who would be confident to face business partners with crumpled clothes? No one! I fold my business clothes and never roll them that is why a bulky trolley used to be my number one choice. Most trolleys need to be checked-in and inconvenient as carry-on. The waiting game at the conveyor belt for luggages Thank God for the gift of CabinZero! The 44L capacity of CabinZero bags provides enough space for a four-day business trip without needing to roll my corporate clothes.

Cabinzero Zamboanga Island
The CabinZero in Sta Cruz Island, Zamboanga City.

A luggage on my back, the CabinZero can fit two sets of folded clothes. A sleeve on the bag can easily fit even the largest of laptops. My personal essentials can also be stored in the zipped compartment or mesh sleeve. Important documents that needs easy access can be placed on the front zipped compartment.

CabinZero Siromon Zamboanga
The Cabin Zero Classic in Siromon Island Sand Bar. Only a few people have been to this place.

Backpackers usually carry light but that is not all when you are on assignment. Aside from the fast drying and easy to pack clothes, I usually carry a foldable tripod, diving gears and other products that I need to shoot on location. Familiarization tours often have jam-packed itineraries in a day. Four to five locations are visited in a day for social media campaigns that can last an entire week. My trick is to bring extra clothes so that I can have one set for every location. That means I carry multiple outfits in a day with different products for endorsement. I used to carry three to four bags for a trip (one for my camera equipment, one for clothes, one for products, one for diving gears and sometimes another one for extra pair of shoes or sandals). Everything that I need now fits in a single bag, the CabinZero. I even tried hanging my foldable tripod on the side straps of the CabinZero and it fits perfectly.

CabinZero Tripod
My foldable tripod hangs on the side of #MyCabinZero bag. it is very convenient for shoots!

I take my CabinZero with me wherever I go. Island hopping or chasing waterfalls, the water repellant material protects my things from splashes and drizzles. I even carry it with me on the beach and the sand easily dusts off with just a few pats.  Long treks are no problem for me because the CabinZero has ergonomically designed straps that are secure and comfortable. Carrying it by hand is not a problem with a handle/strap on top and another one on the side to carry it like a suitcase. It rained heavily in one of our island hopping trips and we were asked to hand our bags on the roof beams of our boat. While others were having a hard time hanging their bags, my CabinZero hanged securely without compromising its form.

CabinZero Backpack hanging
Now this is a test of durability! #MyCabinZero is full of a lot of stuff drom our island hopping shoot. We were asked to hang our bags to avoid it from getting wet because of the heavy rains.
CabinZero MyCabinZero Backpack
We had only been together for less than three months and #MyCabinZero is inseparable from me. I love it!

Designs of the CabinZero bags are minimalist but stylish and functional. Going through airport security is no problem because it is perfectly fitted to the maximum allowable hand-carry luggage size. I think that the company is very confident with their 10-year warranty because of the durable build of the bags. My CabinZero Classic in black had been to waterfalls, rivers, challenging treks, airports, sea ports, boat rides, motorcycle trips, and numerous hotels in less than three months but it’s still in top form.

CabinZero Philippines
It is not only functional but it’s also fashionable! The simple design is a classic.
CabinZero Island Bag
I am an island boy and #MyCabinZero is the perfect backpack for me!

My CabinZero is my latest travel buddy, I carry it wherever I go. No more wrinkled sleeves on corporate trips! Nothing is left behind on my backpacking trips because it fits everything I need! CabinZero definitely changed my packing habit.

FUJI Cabinzero Mirrorless
#MyCabinZero and the Fuji X-A2, my favorite travel companions!
Jontotheworld Cabinzero camou
#MyCabinZero comes in different color choices! This Camou is from another social media influencer, Jon to the World.

You can have your own CabinZero too! Just click this link to place your orders: ORDER HERE. Get 10% off from your purchase by using this promocode: CZUJALMOCERA. Promo runs from May 12 until June 12, 2017. Grab your CabinZero now and change your packing habits!

CabinZero Bag Coffee
A cup of coffee brightens up my day while #MyCabinZero ensures that I have everything I need in one backpack.


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