Chasing 7 Waterfalls in Zamboanga Peninsula with LifeProof

The best time to chase waterfalls is during the transition from the summer season to rainy season when there’s enough water in the rivers. Zamboanga Peninsula has a lot of hidden waterfalls to offer and most of them are underdeveloped destinations. Off the beaten paths are definitely more exciting and thrilling. Being careful is one key for the success of trips to unchartered territories. But too much thinking will spoil the fun that is why I make sure I can also be carefree during my trips. Keeping electronic devices dry during trips can restrict some of the excitement. Dry bags would are a big help but wouldn’t it be more fun to update Instagram stories under the water curtains of waterfalls? If you follow me on Instagram and notice that I can take my phone everywhere, it’s because I live LifeProof.

With so many waterfalls to chase and articles to write, I make sure that I document them all and make DIY articles for others to follow. Here is a list of waterfalls in Zamboanga Peninsula that is surely worth visiting!


1. Merloquet Falls, Sibulao, Zamboanga City

chasingwaterfalls merloquet lifeproof
Rodrigo Acuzar of JustGoPilipinas relaxing under the majestic curtains of Merloquet Falls.

Who doesn’t know Merloquet Falls? This is the most popular waterfall in the region and had made it to several bucket lists. Located more than two hours away from Zamboanga City, you may reach this waterfall via a van ride plus a twenty-minute habal-habal ride.

Curtain-like cascades from this wide waterfall are picture perfect, especially after a rainy day. An entrance fee of five pesos is all you need to pay. The 334-step stairway makes it easier to go down from the drop-off point.  The main façade with two tiers surrounded with lush greens is flocked by locals and tourists on weekends. Another tier located on top of it is accessible through a steep climb on the side. Click here for itinerary.

Chasingwaterfalls zamboanga lifeproof
Merloquet Falls and the Lifeproof Fre. Photo by Heigen Vilaclaros.


2. Limpapa Falls, Barangay Limpapa, Zamboanga City

Limpapa is a trending barangay in Zamboanga City because of its orange bridge. Families spend their weekends on cottages on a beach near the bridge. Aside from the Instagram-worthy bridge, a waterfall located 15 minutes away is also starting to get attention. Lapac Falls is fairly accessible and easy to trek. Want to get there? Just click this link for a DIY itinerary on spending a day in Zamboanga’s west coast: Limpapa Falls. I had a lot of fun with my phone protected by the LifeProof Fre. You can rock your waterfall selfies too! Click this link to order your #lifeproof cases:

lifeproof chasingwaterfalls limpapa
Taking a shower in Limpapa Falls with the Lifeproof Fre.
Limpapafalls Chasingwaterfals Zamboanga
This photo of Limpapa Falls won fifth place during the Summer na Zambo 2017 Photo Competition.



3. Ipa-Ipa Falls, Capisan, Zamboanga City

The most challenging trek I did for a waterfall was on our way to Ipa-ipa Falls in Capisan, Zamboanga City. A thirty-minute drive from the city proper led us to the quiet barangay of Capisan up in the boondocks of Barangay San Roque. Driving our motorcycles on the concrete roads gave us an impression that our chasing waterfalls adventure would be a piece of cake. Ask around for locals to guide you or just courteously ask directions from people you meet along the way.

Ipa-ipa Zamboanga Fuji
Ipa-ipa Falls in Barangay Capisan. Photot taken with the Fuji X-A2.

The trek took almost forty-five minutes from the barangay hall. Our knees were shaking as we went down steep and slippery trails while hugging banana trees to keep our balance. At one point, we even considered going back and not completing the trip. Getting there was not easy but the view was worth it! Ipa-ipa is a high waterfall that got its name from rice husks or “ipa”. I kept my other devices in my dry bag because the towering drop from the waterfall turns the water into tiny mists similar to ground rice hulls. We got wet even if we were meters away from the waterfall basin. Safety tip: try to look at the color of the waterfalls. Enjoy the waterfalls when the water is green but do not go near it if the water is brown. There is a high chance that the water flow will turn stronger and that would be dangerous.

Lifeproof Fre Ipa -ipa Falls Chasingwaterfalls
The height of Ipa-Ipa Falls made it hard to fit in a frame. Here’s a shot with my iPhone SE protected by the Lifeproof Fre.
LiveLifeProof Chasingwaterfalls
The very high drop from the top turned the water into tiny mists as they hit the rocks. Cameras and phones get wet even if you are a few meters away from the basin. Here is a shot of Neo from BrokeButLaagan having the time of his life. Photo was taken with the iPhoneSE in Lifeproof casing.



4. Tagbilat Falls, Barangay Malagandis, Titay, Zamboanga Sibugay

Tagbilat Falls in Titay, Zamboanga Sibugay is wide with a cave-like hole in the middle. Some locals say that it is called Malagandis Falls and the real Tagbilat Falls is located in Barangay Culasian. However, a lot of people refer to the waterfalls as Tagbilat and google search results would yield the same. So I’m still calling it Tagbilat. Tagbilat has two tiers, the first is the façade while the second can be reached through a short climb at the side of the waterfalls.How to get there?  Click this link.

tagbilat falls chasingwaterfalls sibugay
Tagbilat Falls on a fine summer day.
Tagbilat Titay Livingproof
The second tier of Tagbilat Falls. The basin is great for swimming.



5. Situbo Falls, Barangay Situbo, Tampilisa, Zamboanga del Norte

Out of all the waterfalls in Zamboanga Peninsula, Situbo Falls is the grandest of them all. Located in Tampilisan municipality, Zamboanga del Norte, you only need a thirty-minute habal-habal ride from the town proper. The trek going to the waterfall gets slippery during the rainy season but it’s grandeur is definitely awe-mazing! The basin of the waterfall is fit for swimming if the water is flowing moderately. There are no entrance fees and caretakers, it is advised that tourists keep the surroundings clean by taking their trash with them and avoid littering in the area. It only took us a day to get to Tagbilat Falls and Situbo Falls. My clothes and some of my gears got wet but my phone stayed dry and secure with #LifeProof.

Situbo falls Lifeproof
Situbo Falls with the LifeProof Fre.
SItubo Chasingwaterfalls Tampilisan
A mandatory selfie in Situbo Falls. Look at the people near the waterfalls to scale the size of this beaut.


6. Sungkilaw Falls, Barangay Diwan, Dipolog City

Sungkilaw Falls is a 25 feet high waterfalls situated in Sitio Virginia, Barangay Diwan, the farthest Barangay of the City of Dipolog. A forty-minute ride will take you to the OISCA Forest Park ( Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement). A concrete pathway lined by verdant mahogany trees leads to the viewing area of the waterfall. Bathing on the basin is dangerous because of the strong water currents. However, the river is a perfect place for picnics and swimming. Contact # 09399249041. City Tourism Office: 065 212-2485

Sungkilaw Falls Dipolog
Sungkilaw Falls in Dipolog City.
Lifeproof Dipolog
The river in Sungkilaw Falls.


7. Pulacan Falls, Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur

Located just beside the national highway, one could not miss the two-tiered Pulacan Falls. It is not visible from the highway because of the trees that surround it. But the sound of the water flowing from the waterfalls can be heard from a short distance. There are no entrance fees or any concrete pavements but the 5-minute walk to the waterfall is like a walk in the park (compared to the other waterfalls). How to get there? Click this link.

Getting to these waterfalls is a sure way to enjoy your weekends here in the Zamboanga Peninsula! I had the chance to be carefree under the curtains of these wonders thanks to my #LifeProof case from

There were times that I got a bit clumsy and dropped my phone on the boulders but it remained scot-free! It’s shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof! My mirrorless camera which is my shooter for my blog is a bit limited when it comes to water activities. I had to leave it at a safe distance which is kinda hassling at times. But my camera phone can go wherever I go and I can even put it in my wet pockets. You will need two hands while climbing the steep tiers of waterfalls and it is definitely hard if your hands are full. I usually leave everything at the campsite and take my phone with me. I had so much fun and adventure ever since I got #LifeProof!

It’s either you live your life and break or you #LiveLifeProof! My phone is protected from broken screens and damage.

Lifeproof has a wide array of durable cellphone products and apparel. It had been my saving grace on several occasions. I have known too many travelers who broke or got their phone wich spoiled the fun during our trips. The possibilities with LifeProof are endless.


6 thoughts on “Chasing 7 Waterfalls in Zamboanga Peninsula with LifeProof

  1. Don’t go chasing waterfalls.. hahaha. I love waterfalls! Def adding these places to my bucketlist. Which do you think is the easiest trek? 😀

  2. Wow what a beautiful place! You are so lucky to live near such wonderous nature! I would love to be able to visit this waterfall sometime. Good thing your phone was protected!

  3. Amazing list of waterfalls in Zamboanga Peninsula. Waterfalls are so stunning. I visit a lot during traveling as well. But they never stop to amaze me. It’s just great to look at and always make me feel happy. Glad your phone was shockproof! I really love the Lifeproof case! I need one of those as well!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I suddenly miss Iligan city after seeing these pictures. We used to live there and enjoy the waterfalls. Its also great that you have the Lifeproof that protected your phone.

  5. Wow, just wow! Going to these places seem like a very great adventure. I’ve always wanted to explore Zamboanga but I never thought that these picturesque places are the ones that are waiting for me! Also, I think I’m buying Lifeproof soon~

    Aica B. ♡

  6. wow! I didn’t know Zamboaga has so many great falls too! I love that each fall has their own unique beauty and characteristics.. those layered rock formation in Merloquet Falls is truly a beauty to marvel.. i love the capture!
    Your photos are truly incredible and take for giving us these amazing compilation.. I am really hoping to visit this wonderful province real soon!

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