Taxicles: Zamboanga’s Overcharging Tricycles, A Commuters Burden

Zamboanga is experiencing an economic and tourism boom. Recently, the spotlight was on the pink sands of Sta Cruz Islands that made waves after being included in National Geographic’s list of top beaches. Tourists from all over the country and some from different parts of the globe came to Zamboanga to see the pink sand beach. Most of the comments from guests are positive but there is one setback, our tricycles in the city charge more than the prescribed fare rates. They are like vultures waiting at the airport and bus stations.

I call them “taxicles” or tricycles that charge outrageously high fare rates similar to taxis sans the air conditioning and comfortable seats. This has been a perineal problem of our city since I got here in 2004. Jeepneys are my number one choice of public transport because tricycles charge ten times more. A ten-minute ride from the airport to a local mall would cost you from 70-100 pesos. Yesterday, I got home from the province and was in a hurry to get to the office. A tricycle would have been my best option for the 10-kilometer ride. However, the tricycle waiting at the arrival area of the bus terminal would charge me 130.00 pesos which is basically half of my bus fare for 119 kilometers. Following the regulated fare matrix, I should only be charged 60.00-70.00 pesos. Some of my social media followers posted on my facebook page that they had been charged 200.00-300.00 pesos.

Tricycles Taxicle
A couple of years ago, one of my facebook posts went viral and got shared 240 times. I was entertaining four friends from Manila who were on vacation here in Zamboanga. They were charged 100.00 pesos for a 1.5km ride. I was urged to report the incident to the Tricycle Adjudication Board and they immediately investigated the matter. I had to take two trips to the city hall to file my complaint and face the tricycle driver. This basically consumed some of my productive hours but I still proceeded with the complaint hoping that I can contribute to improving the situation for commuters. A fine and a few days suspension from operations were served to the driver and tricycle operator. It was a hard decision for me knowing that the driver will not have any means of livelihood for the next couple of weeks. But as the saying goes, Dura Lex Sed Lex (the law may be harsh but it is still the law). Wil I report tricycles again? I won’t because it is very time consuming and I haven’t seen any long-term effects in doing so.
A year had passed after my short rant on social media and I can still read viral posts about tricycle drivers. It’s still the same old story. It had been a cycle of action and inaction from the government. Several hearings on the City Council took place to discuss the matter, an updated fare matrix is already in place, and a group of students are even making a cellphone app to calculate the fare. This worked for some time and most tricycle drivers followed the rates. But there are still some who take advantage of especially when the passengers are in a hurry. Band-aid solutions are plenty but nobody has ever cured this disease. The problem calls for a multi-faceted solution that would eradicate this cancer that plagues commuters.

Tricycles Road
The pipe-laying operations conducted by the water service provider is a welcome change. However, this became an opportunity for tricycle drivers to charge extra.
Playing the blame game would not help either, this problem existed more than a decade ago. And as the traffic in Zamboanga gets crazier, tricycles have more alibis charge extra. Gasoline prices do not increase during rains but tricycle fares do! Now that the city has started the one-way scheme in several major roads, tricycle drivers also see it as an opportunity to increase their charges. Road improvements and pipe-laying operations by the water district are very positive things that are happening for us. Unfortunately, tricycle drivers charge extra if your route will pass by these infrastructure projects because of the traffic. Living in the outskirts of the city is also a problem. Some tricycle drivers would charge double because they will also let you shoulder their cost of getting back to the populated areas to get more passengers.

Tricycles road repair
Road repairs are also signs of progress but some tricycle drivers make it a reason to charge extra.
Some travelers prefer booking their flights in Dipolog than Zamboanga just because of this problem. Zamboanga City’s base fare is double compared to the base fares in other cities of Region 9. Other tourists can only give negative feedback and just live with the rates. Certainly, this is not good for local tourism. The real victims of the taxicles would be the Zamboanguenos who take commute every day. A lot of their hard earned money goes to fares that are beyond the regulations. This long overdue problem has now become part of our lifestyle. Immediate actions should be done but careful planning and study on the matter should be undertaken. Pointing fingers will not solve any problem, we need solutions. Facebook rants are now passé and giving comments on this issue is very tiring. Hopefully, this will be my last post about the matter. When will this end? Will this problem ever end or should we concede and live with it?



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6 thoughts on “Taxicles: Zamboanga’s Overcharging Tricycles, A Commuters Burden

  1. Tricycle drivers are overpricing. The fare is equivalent when you ride a taxi or a way going to Molave from Dipolog City. I do hope that the City government of Zamboanga will find solution to the overpricing of tricycle fare. This can effects City’s booming tourism. hehehe. 🙂 Just a thought!

  2. Unfortunately, Zamboanga’s politicians are more concerned about the votes they could lose from these “taxicle” drivers and operators. It also doesn’t help that many of these politicians are operators themselves. I’ve lost hope that any real change is forthcoming for Zamboangueños and our visitors regarding this overcharging issue.

  3. My friend and I went to zamboanga years ago and that concern about tricycle drivers asking high fare was what we noticed as well. So sorry as well that we’ve noticed people there arent too hospitable unlike other provinces or places. Perhaps we should not compare, that’s the trick.

  4. this is “oh so true!” , got also this kind of experience kuya. especially during rainy seasons when going home from school. I usually use “taxicles” but sometimes they overcharge you even though you’re still a student.

    1. I feel you is like “taxicle drivers” are too comfortable giving their passengers high prices believe me I live in Zamboanga city there is this one time that my mom told me when she was in the airport the “taxicle driver” charge her 250 pesos to go to San Roque

  5. I feel you is like “taxicle drivers” are too comfortable giving their passengers high prices believe me I live in Zamboanga city there is this one time that my mom told me when she was in the airport the “taxicle driver” charge her 250 pesos to go to San Roque

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